Company History

Our history

Evga began its unique history in 1934 as small neighbourhood stores selling dairy products. Today, a hundred years later, it is one of the largest, oldest, wholly Greek food companies in Greece, with one of the most modern production and storage facilities. 

The company has managed to grow, investing both in technological equipment and in human resources, and is always at the forefront of market developments. 

A major milestone in the company’s history, confirming its emphasis on innovation and originality, was 1995, when 0%+0% ice-cream received the Sial D’or award at the International Food and Drink Exhibition in Sial as the most ground-breaking and commercially successful products in the frozen foods and ice-creams market.

Further proof of its strength is the fact that after a highly destructive fire in 2010 affected the operation of its facilities, Evga managed in just six months to prove the pessimistic forecasts wrong so that it was not only back on a secure footing but, through strategic partnerships, continued to write its own history.

Since 2011, it has entered into strategic partnerships, both in Greece and abroad, which have made it one of Greece’s largest and most important producers.

Of strategic importance was its agreement with Elais-Unilever Hellas in 2011 for the acquisition of the marketing, distribution and promotional department of Evga brand ice-cream, while maintaining the capacity to produce ice cream both on behalf of Elais-Unilever Hellas and for other companies in Greece and abroad. 

In parallel, since 2013 our company has again been active in the branded ice-cream market with its new brand Menne, which has been well-known in Tuscany and the rest of Italy since 1920. The tradition and authenticity of Menne ice-cream is a perfect fit with the values that our company has stood for and served all these years. 

Partnerships with well-known domestic and foreign supermarket chains through own-label products and through Evga’s own product portfolio are another important part of our company’s activity. At the same time, the company’s dynamic export growth and its activities involving the Menne brand have placed Evga’s products on the global map, from Lebanon to Canada and from England to Australia.

Finally, the emphasis on quality at all stages of production, from supply of raw materials through to distribution to the final consumer, is confirmed by the certifications the company has received from Greek and foreign organisations. Since 1996, when Evga received its first certification from BRC-Food, quality and constant improvement have been the company’s main values. 
The Evga of tomorrow, based on the company’s values and traditions, on its employees, and on its respect for its partners and customers, aims to be a vibrant, creative, financially sound company with dynamic growth that plays an active role in market developments.